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Pickle Life, Inc.

Pickle Life Clear Vehicle Decal

Pickle Life Clear Vehicle Decal

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Show your love for pickleball with a Pickle Life clear window decal.  They are great for on your vehicle.  Plus, they are perfect to use on any outdoor or inside smooth surface, at home or at the office. 

These decals are 6"H x 3.5" W, die-cut, and have a matte finish. They are made from high-quality vinyl for added durability against the elements. 

The decals are back adhesive for placement on the outside of your window. 

For the best application result for clear decals on glass surfaces, a wet application is recommended. Proper installation is crucial for creating a strong bond that is long-lasting and looks great.

Follow these steps for the wet application method:

CLEAN the surface thoroughly and dry. Any debris can weaken the adhesion.  You can use warm soapy water, rubbing alcohol, or other common household items to clean the surface area. Wipe away any cleaning product residue with a dry cloth before moving on to the next step.

APPLYING THE CLEAR WINDOW DECAL Before you peel away the backing, spray the placement surface with a light application of soapy water or glass cleaner. Next, peel away the backing and apply the clear decal to the wet surface. Make sure the decal is straight and in the desired position.

GENTLY REMOVE THE LIQUID by using a rubber squeegee or a credit card.  Start in the middle of the clear decal and slowly work the liquid out towards the edges and from behind the decal. Wipe away any remaining liquid around the clear decal so that the surface is dry.

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