About Pickle Life, Inc.

Pickle Life, Inc. is a multigenerational, all women, family owned, ecommerce business located in Key West, FL.  
Pickle Life, Inc. was founded by the Czerwinski/Bauer family of Key West, FL.  They relocated from the northeast to Key West in 2000 to enjoy the warm weather, clear waters, and great community.  When they first arrived, the island was checkered with many tennis courts, bocce ball courts, and even outdoor racquetball courts…but not a single pickleball court.
Our President of Pickle Life, Inc. discovered a small pickleball community here on the island over a decade ago and has had the pickleball bug ever since.  She helped to establish and grow the Key West Pickleball Club, serving as the VP of the club for several years. The club evolved into “Key West Pickleball” on Facebook where locals and visitors to Key West can get information on open play, available instruction, and pickleball events. In its infancy, the club was able to share 2 of the 6 tennis courts at Higgs Beach by adding permanent lines, creating the 1st pickleball courts in this southernmost city.  With increasing enthusiasm around pickleball and growing community engagement, the Key West Pickleball Club was able to gain support and raise money to turn 2 of the tennis courts into 6 fully designated regulation pickleball courts.  Since their creation, these pickleball courts are always filled with pickleball players from around the world and of all levels of skill; from beginners to pros. 
If you find yourself in Key West and looking for some pickleball time, check out the courts at 1000 Atlantic Blvd Ave, Key West, aka, Clarence S. Higgs Memorial Beach.  You may agree that they are the pickleball courts with the best view in the Continental USA! 

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